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We are Bristol’s Society of Folklore & Magical Curiosities, a Bristol based group of folklore researchers, and magical academics. Many of our members are historians, magical practitioners, folklorists and students. We are not a pagan moot, and do not represent the neo-pagan movement of Bristol, however all pagans are warmly welcome. Our discussions focus on folk history, magic, storytelling, herbal alchemy and other curiousities. We encourage talks, walks and projects such as “A Talk On The Living Italic-Roman Pagan Religion – Cultus Deorum” – a talk by Alexander Malato Palermo who is a researcher of the Experimental Archeology of Ancient Italy.

And the very popular Witch:Unburied, Unburnt, Unbound – Art Exhibition at the Bristol City Hall.


(Witch Art Exhibition) (Group Walks)  (Stories & Talks)


Please Find Below Useful Links For Our New Members:
Museum Of Witchcraft & Magic:
Bristol Historical Society
Hags Herbarium (for your local herbs and magical oddities)
Police Pagan Association:
Bristol Pagan Help Page:

Please Note:
We are aware of trolling online and in an Bristol pagan moot, due to the necessary removal of a member. We’ve informed the authorites and wish them health, peace and happiness.

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